US authorities are advancing blacklisting of bitcoin addresses

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Chinese drug ring

As it was announced on Wednesday by several media reports that “US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control” has (OFAC) Bitcoin addresses a Chinese drug ring on a black list set. The so-called “blacklisting” is supposed to make transactions visible from certain sources.

The list of OFAC, however, is much more detailed than conventional blacklisting, which is operated for example by Exchanges. In the present case, the bitcoin addresses are associated with the names of suspicious persons.

According to a press release , they are said to be the main executives of large-scale drug trafficking in the US and to be instrumental in international drug trafficking.

It is noteworthy that the move against the three Chinese is taking place right now, while the US and China are in economic conflict. The facts alleged are enough to cover the years 2017 and 2018.